Access All Areas by Cassie Mint

Access All Areas (Galentine’s Groupies) by Cassie Mint – Free ePUB Download

She’s a happy, laughing fan girl. A ball of sunshine and love.
And now I’m jealous of this boy band…

It should have been an easy job. Tour with Soul Obsession, dig up their dirt, and write a book that will storm the bestseller charts.
Well, I’m backstage at every show, eavesdropping in the green room, and there is plenty of drama on this tour. But still, something’s missing.
The problem is, I don’t get it. I’ve never loved anything like the fans love this band, and I need to understand.
So I interview a fan, picking her at random out of the screaming crowds.
But my plan works a little too well. Because now I know what obsession feels like…

He’s a tall, sexy grump in a suit, and he wants to interview me about my favorite band of all time. Uh, duh! Of course I can spell it out for him. You’d have to be crazy not to love Soul Obsession.
But once we sneak away to chat backstage, it’s hard to focus on the band at all.
I’m a lifelong fan with a VIP pass. This is nuts. I should be freaking out and getting the band members to sign my t-shirt.
But he’s staring at me with those piercing blue eyes. And all I want to do is drag this grump into a closet…
This will be one boy band reunion to remember…

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