A Wretched Rake by Tammy Andresen

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A Wretched Rake (Lords of Temptation #14) by Tammy Andresen

Married to a monster…
Lady Isabelle Fairchild was sold to a criminal to save her family from ruin. And just when she thought, this was the worst her situation could possibly get… enter rival whorehouse owner, Bode Armstrong.

Kidnapped by the devil…
Scarred, hard, uncompromising, Bode knows that stealing his rival’s new bride was a decisive move in the underground war he’s been fighting. But there is no low, he won’t stoop to when everyone he cares about is in danger.
Taking sweet and beautiful Isabelle is his chance to win. What he didn’t intend was for the sizzling attraction that develops between himself and the woman he’s taken…
She is a pawn. Nothing more.
Then again, to the victor go the spoils.
But in the dark of the night, even he has to confess, she might be more….
How far will he go to protect the woman he shouldn’t even want? And can he give up the victory within his grasp to claim the woman he never intended to be his own.
She’s his captive…or is he hers?

A Wretched Rake – Tammy Andresen

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