A Waltz for the Wallflower by Rue Allyn

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A Waltz for the Wallflower (Revenge of the Wallflowers #6) by Rue Allyn

A wallflower is never noticed–unless she is Lady Blythe Leigh

The ton calls her Lady Blundering Blythe Leigh. So what if she can’t dance, or run, or even walk more than ten steps without a stumble, fumble, or bumble. Blythe knows she’s intelligent, thoughtful, considerate, loving—for all the good it does her. Since that disastrous first dance during her first season, she hasn’t been able to live down her reputation as an accident waiting to happen.
The ton calls him Lord Deft. Lord Daniel Cynarme, Marquess of Cynedroit enjoys a life free of conflict and confrontation. His unequaled accuracy with a pistol, his unparalleled reputation as a lover, and his uncanny ability to use the right word at the right time, ensure that his life stays that way. He has no regrets—well perhaps one. Years after that unfortunate waltz, he still wishes he could change disaster into delight. However, Lady Blythe won’t give him a chance.

Can polar opposites find love in Regency Era drawing rooms?

A Waltz for the Wallflower – Rue Allyn

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