A Void Dance by Amy Sumida

A Void Dance (Godhunter #38) by Amy Sumida – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

This dance is deadly.
Things are disappearing in the God Realm. Disappearing and then reappearing in strange places. Someone is playing games with Vervain and her people. A trickster is running wild. But as their game progresses, the tricks start getting more and more dangerous. Who is this god? How are they moving so freely around the God Realm? And what in all the worlds do they want? If the Godhunter wants to stop the trickster, she’ll have to do more than find the answers to those questions. She’ll have to win the game.

The Godhunter Series continues with a battle unlike any the Godhunter has ever faced. Grab your copy now and dive back into the world where Gods are real, faeries rule the world, and one woman is just trying to survive in it.

A Void Dance – Amy Sumida ePUB

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