A Vineyard Celebration by Katie Winters

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A Vineyard Celebration (Vineyard Sunset #19) by Katie Winters

A secret room beneath the Sunrise Cove Inn unlocks a history far more dramatic than the Sheridans could have ever imagined.

Amanda and Sam welcome their gorgeous baby girl the same week a construction crew discovers a sealed-up room in the basement of the Sunrise Cove. Historians must be called to ensure everything is handled the right way.
And then the Sheridans receive a blow: the Sunrise Cove must close for now.
But Amanda knows there’s something fishy going on. A few months back she handled the case of a horrible client who was guilty of his crimes. She was able to talk down his prison sentence dramatically — but his very rich and powerful parents are out for revenge. She thinks they’re using this historical room as leverage to close the inn and destroy the Sheridan family. But she won’t give up without a fight.

But what’s really in that room unshackles long-held Sheridan Family secrets from nearly two hundred years ago. And standing in the shadow of so much history and empathy reminds Amanda, Wes, and the entire Sheridan family of just how lucky they are.
Dive into the nineteenth book of the Vineyard Sunset Series, in which a vibrant cast of characters live out their dreams on Martha’s Vineyard. This is the story of the Sheridan and Montgomery siblings, a heartwarming journey of friendship, loss, and love.

A Vineyard Celebration – Katie Winters

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