A Secret in the Bay by Fiona Baker

A Secret in the Bay (Chasing Tides #2) by Fiona Baker – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

It’s summer in Blueberry Bay, and that means fireflies, festivals, and family gatherings!

As June rolls around, Alissa Lewis has never been happier. She and Dane are working together to turn The Outlet into a premier newspaper and magazine, and her debut novel is in bookstores around the country. And she’s eager to take part in the upcoming summer festival that’s been the talk of the town.
But the closer the festival gets, the more she notices Dane is acting strangely, prompting her to wonder if their relationship isn’t as solid as she thought it was. Is there trouble in paradise, or is there some other reason for Dane’s odd behavior? What secret is he hiding?
Meanwhile, Caitlin is struggling to save her marriage, but she doesn’t know how to fix things with James—especially after she finds out that he’s been keeping a secret of his own.
And for Hannah Jenkins, summer is a time for daydreaming about the future. Although she loves music, she’s torn between moving away to pursue a musical career and staying in town to help her father run his restaurant. But when a handsome young man named Luke comes to Blueberry Bay to visit his aunt and uncle for the summer, he helps Hannah realize that she’s been letting fear hold her back.

Is she brave enough to spread her wings and take a leap of faith?

Nestled against the beautiful New England town of Whale Harbor, Blueberry Bay is a cozy coastal town with sandy beaches and a cast of characters who’ll make you laugh, smile, and be swept away. If you enjoy clean romance and stories that celebrate family and friendship, this series is for you!

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