A Second Roar for Love by Milly Taiden [ePub]

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A Second Roar for Love (Whispering Pines #2) by Milly Taiden

Middle-aged witch, Ellie Theren, returns to Whispering Pines after the death of her husband, a man she married for the sake of her family. As she settles back into her home, she stumbles upon a gruesome discovery: a dead body. To make matters worse, the hunky sheriff who arrives at the scene is none other than her high school sweetheart, Reed Mallory—the only man she’s ever truly loved.
Reed can’t believe his eyes when Ellie walks back into his life. Anger and love wage a war within him as he grapples with the fact that she left without saying good-bye all those years ago. Now, with beautiful, sweet Ellie within arm’s reach, Reed can’t help but wonder if he can finally keep her in his life for good.
But as a dark evil threatens to use Ellie to destroy their beloved town, the two must put aside their complicated past and work together to stop the impending doom. Reed faces an impossible choice: save his mate or protect his townspeople. Someone’s going to die, and the decision rests in his hands. Can Ellie and Reed rekindle their love while unraveling the mystery that haunts their town? Or will the evil forces at play tear them apart forever?

A Second Roar for Love – Milly Taiden

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