A Murder, a Marquess, and Miss Mifford by Claudia Stone

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A Murder, a Marquess, and Miss Mifford (Regency Murder and Marriage #3) by Claudia Stone

All Emily wants is to survive her first season in London. She doesn’t anticipate another lady failing to survive it – and being blamed for her death…

The only ambition Miss Emily Mifford holds for her first season in London, is to endure it without completely humiliating herself; a difficult task when one has a mother with no sense of propriety, and one’s own unfortunate habit of saying precisely the wrong thing.
After clashing publicly with the odious Lady Hardthistle, Emily soon learns that there are worse things than being embarrassed – like being accused of murder! When the belligerent baroness is found strangled to death at a ball, the finger of blame points at Emily. Keen to exonerate herself, Emily sets out to solve the mysterious murder, with a little help from a very handsome – and highly conceited – marquess.

Frederick Chambers, Sixth Marquess of Highfield thought he would never meet a woman captivating enough to distract him from his own reflection, until he meets Miss Mifford and is instantly besotted. When the object of his affections is accused of murder, Freddie is desperate to help – for what could a lady love more than a white knight to dash to her rescue?
The mystery of who murdered Lady Hardthistle, however, is not as easily solved as he first imagines. A double-crossed young-buck, a cheated squire, and a lady’s maid set to inherit a fortune; the list of people who wished the baroness dead is lengthy indeed…

As Freddie and Emily work together to try solve the mysterious murder, Freddie finds himself falling madly in love with Miss Mifford. Can he help to clear her name? And, more importantly, can he convince her to become his marchioness?

A Murder, a Marquess, and Miss Mifford – Claudia Stone

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