A Mayhem of Crows by Evelyn Flood

A Mayhem of Crows (Mafia University #2) by Evelyn Flood – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Decide what matters to you, Caterina Corvo.And then decide what it is worth.
My Crows, my family, are no longer my safe space. My father waits for me to fail. My cousin Matteo stands at his shoulder, whispering his lies to steal my place as heir to the Corvo mafia family.I will not allow that to happen.But the ground beneath my feet is filled with secrets and double crossing, and I can feel myself starting to sink.My only anchor… is them.The men who should have been my biggest enemies are starting to feel like my only allies.They offer me something I can hold on to, as my future burns to ashes around me.Something worth fighting for.But even the strongest bonds can be broken. They have no idea just how easily. Because I have a secret of my own – one that could blow apart the family we’re starting to build.Secrets that could destroy me and those I love.I will do anything to stop that from happening.My name is Caterina Corvo, and to keep my family safe, I’ll do whatever it takes.Even if it takes everything I am.

A Mayhem of Crows – Evelyn Flood ePUB

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