A Major Puck Up by Brittanee Nicole

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A Major Puck Up (Revenge Games #3) by Brittanee Nicole

There are only a few rules I live by: enjoy life, smile as often as possible, and don’t ever let a woman come between friends.
Oh and hockey is life.
For the past forty years I’ve done an excellent job at every single one of them.
Until Millie Hall.
To be fair, I had no idea who she was that first night. Can’t say the same about the second.
Finding out that the mystery girl who turned my world upside down was the twin sister of my star left winger and my best friend’s twenty-two year old daughter is less than ideal.
Hiding our relationship from not only her father but my brothers, nearly impossible.
But my best friend makes it incredibly difficult to walk away from his daughter when he keeps thrusting her in my direction.
As a single dad, I have a whole set of new rules, but one thing remains, falling for Millie Hall would be a major puck up.

A Major Puck Up – Brittanee Nicole

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