A Little Faith by M.L. Briers

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A Little Faith (Midlife’s A Beach #5) by M.L. Briers

Midlife’s a beach, and then you move there.
What were they thinking? Hope had dragged them halfway across the country on a whim, worse, on a burning need to spend her inheritance money on another crazy scheme and an ad for a bar and guesthouse.
Faith was done with the cryptic clues, the treasure, and the ship, but was it done with her?
When tragedy strikes at the heart of the pack, Faith will sacrifice everything to protect those she loves, and the cost is greater than she could have anticipated.
Join the pack on their final journey into the unknown as a formidable enemy takes it revenge.
This book has snarky witches and sarcasm by the bucketload; join the fun and become part of the pack. Grab it and growl.

A Little Faith – M.L. Briers

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