A Lethal Game of Trust by Evelyne Sperring

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A Lethal Game of Trust by Evelyne Sperring

Dominic Belov.
To the world, he’s a ruthless mafia heir. To me, he was once everything.
The boy who looked under my bed for monsters, the teenager who taught me to fight and helped me study. The man I’d pictured marrying. My best friend.
But when I needed him most, he abandoned me, leaving me numb and hopeless.
So now, ten years later, when he wants to barge back into my life, he’s only a distraction I can’t afford. My only focus is making sure my father’s murderer isn’t released from prison. Legally.
Despite no longer being a part of the criminal world, both Dom and my need for vengeance are pulling me back in.
And I might just let them.

Leonie Castillo.
My sister’s best friend.
She’s infuriating. Intoxicating. Shackling.
And I was meant to be all her firsts. Her only.
But after her father’s murder, a rift formed between her and me. One we can’t repair.
I can never be more than her shadow, I’ll only hurt her. We can’t be together when she can never uncover the truth.
Because I’ve been lying to her since the night her dad died.

A Lethal Game of Trust – Evelyne Sperring

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