A Howl to Remember by Milly Taiden

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A Howl to Remember (Whispering Pines #1) by Milly Taiden

Celeste Rowan returns to the only place she’s ever felt at home: Whispering Pines, a magical town filled with paranormal beings. But a car accident at the edge of town leaves her with no memories of her life and in the arms of a mysterious, muscular wolf shifter who sets her heart ablaze.
Kade Blackwood has been searching for his mate since she was taken away years ago, but she’s back. While helping her remember her past, he’s determined to keep their connection a secret to not pressure her. Neither can ignore the undeniable chemistry between them. Keeping his hands to himself proves to be an impossible task.
Now, dark magic threatens the survival of Whispering Pines and its inhabitants. They need Celeste’s powerful magic to save them but she doesn’t remember any of it. Will she be able to unlock her true potential and save the town she calls home, or will the secrets of her past be their undoing?

A Howl to Remember – Milly Taiden

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