A Gift for the Hopeful Cowboy by April Murdock [ePub]

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A Gift for the Hopeful Cowboy (Love in Sweet Bloom) by April Murdock

He’s a fourth generation cowboy trying to make his own way. She’s a restaurateur who worries she’s not good enough to meet her own high expectations. An unexpected reunion might be the gift they both need.
Pippa had a job waiting at her family ranch when she graduated from college. But ranch life wasn’t for her. So she got a loan from her mom and opened a restaurant in town. The upscale menu and the eclectic atmosphere is everything she’d dreamed about.
Rob left his job in Montana to work at the Rolling Hills Ranch in Texas. He needs a new challenge. And as much as he loves his parents and the mountains, he feels like he’ll miss something important if he doesn’t leave the ranch he grew up on.

Pippa and Rob have history. In Montana he’d worked on the ranch owned by her cousins. They’d agreed to a no strings attached romance when they were teenagers that never quite ended. Though they were very different in many ways, their friendship worked.
Now that they live in the same place, Christmas spirit could be the inspiration they need to get real about their relationship and what the future might hold.

A Gift for the Hopeful Cowboy – April Murdock

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