A Dusk Of Stars by Lyra Forger

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dusk of stars lyra forger

A Dusk Of Stars: The Chronicles Book 1 (The Originals of Grimm Academy #4) by Lyra Forger

I’ve always been drawn to magic. I had no idea it would mess up my life like this.
Anna knows what she wants.
As the only human living among the Originals of Grimm Academy, life has its challenges. But with her dark past, Anna is no stranger to challenges.
When she finally gets the job she’s always wanted and enters the Restricted Section of the Grimm Academy Library, she is selected by a book. The only problem is, no human has ever been selected by a book in the Lexarcanum.
As a newly discovered Original, Anna is forced to go from being a librarian, to being a student at Grimm academy.
And if that weren’t enough, she is forced to study with an annoying new shifter professor, Jericho Bane.
But there are strange things happening, dark forces at work that are looking to sew destruction, and a mystery that is begging to be solved. Is Anna a human? An Original? Or something else entirely…
With the fate of all humankind hanging in the balance, Anna is forced to confront her own fears and become more than she ever thought she could be.
Destiny has never been more difficult.

A Dusk Of Stars: The Chronicles Book 1 – Lyra Forger

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