A Dare too Scandalous by Alyssa Clarke

A Dare too Scandalous (Wagers and Wallflowers #16) by Alyssa Clarke – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

The most unexpected pairings often ignite the most irresistible passion.
Miss Jocelyn Evans never imagined accepting a dare to attend a masquerade ball would upend her life. A stolen moment of pleasure leaves her haunted with wicked memories of a mysterious lover, even as she finds herself unwillingly captivated by Lord Aston, the very man her stepsister aims to secure.Adam Winters, the dashing Earl of Aston and future Duke of Stafford is bound by duty to marry from a select list of suitable debutantes to secure his family’s legacy and the fortune that will save his estates. Yet he finds himself unexpectedly mesmerized by Jocelyn. Known to society as a wallflower, her simple smile bewitches him, her gentle nature disarms him, and her undeniable sensuality threatens to overthrow his well-laid plans, forcing him to make an impossible choice between duty and love.

A Dare too Scandalous – Alyssa Clarke ePUB

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