A Cowboy’s Promise by Ella Cooper

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A Cowboy’s Promise (Pastures of Passion #1) by Ella Cooper

I can’t do this anymore.

Every day, every month is a struggle, and I barely scrape by. I want to give Ellie a better life, but I have no idea how.
Maybe this new job at the ranch is just what we need. I’ll have to be careful. The owner’s son, Chance, is probably one of the handsomest men I’ve ever seen in my life—and he’s single.
But that doesn’t matter. I have to focus on Ellie. I’m not interested in falling for any man again…
Except that I can’t ignore the instant chemistry, and the fact that my soul yearns for Chance, for a future where I no longer just have to survive.
He won’t let me push him away, and all I want is to pull him closer.

Are you ready to be thrown into a whirlwind of passion and drama that is sure to make your toes curl?

A Cowboy’s Promise – Ella Cooper

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