A Ballad of Stars by Jacqlin Guernsey

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A Ballad of Stars (Thieves of Felshan #2) by Jacqlin Guernsey

Only the stars see all…
With the throne still hanging in the balance and its rightful heir nowhere to be found, the kingdom of Felshan remains vulnerable to the whims of a traitorous mind. Determined to avert disaster, Ari and Roan are set on restoring Princess Lena to the role that is her birthright — with the help of a most unlikely ally.
Tumbling from the hands of one captor to another, Lena reluctantly accepts a new offer of betrothal from the powerful Kael Davenport. When Lena uncovers a hidden diary, dangerous questions arise. Armed with tales of corruption and conspiracy, Lena resolves to exact justice, saving herself and Felshan in the process.
Meanwhile, Ari’s chance for revenge appears within arm’s reach — but she must make an impossible choice. Will she save the man she loves? Or will she fall into the plans of a treacherous king?
And all the while another piece of a malicious master plan is falling into place…

A Ballad of Stars – Jacqlin Guernsey

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