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CM Neff

Published by CM Neff, 2024.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. June 11, 2024.

Copyright © 2024 CM Neff.

Written by CM Neff.

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1 – Samantha

2 – Samantha

3 – Samantha

4 – Samantha

5 – Samantha

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7 – Samantha

8 – Samantha

9 – Phillip

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12 – Samantha

13 – Samantha

14 – Samantha

15 – Samantha

16 – Samantha

17 – Samantha

18 – Cynthia

19 – Samantha

20 – Phillip

21 – Beverly

22 – Samantha

23 – Samantha

24 – Phillip

25 – Samantha

26 – Samantha

27 – Samantha

28 – Samantha

29 – Samantha

30 – Samantha

31 – Samantha

32 – Samantha

33 – Samantha

34 – Samantha

35 – Samantha

36 – Samantha

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38 – Samantha

39 – Samantha

40 – Phillip

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To all the wallflowers. I used to hate being ordinary, feeling like I was nothing special. But the thing about ordinary…it has nothing to do with who you really are. It’s merely how you perceive yourself. Others may have a different opinion. To them, you might be their whole world.

1 – Samantha

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been infatuated with grand gestures. I blame it on my grandma for watching movies with me like Dirty Dancing when Patrick Swayze walked up to Jennifer Grey’s father and said the famous line about Baby and the corner. She’s also responsible for introducing me to romance novels where Dukes rescue damsels in distress, modern men tattoo their woman’s name on themselves as a show of affection, and even Disney’s to blame… Cinderella…enough said.

But despite the romanticized idea of grand gestures, I have to admit they are wonderful moments in someone’s life. Moments that are cherished. Moments to be remembered. I think that’s why I love my Photography class and Yearbook club. I get to help create a moment frozen in time to help others remember their significant times of high school. Just because I might not have much going for myself, doesn’t mean I can’t help others remember the fun times they’re having.

During junior year, I took some really awesome pictures. Track runners crossing the finish line right when their chest touched the elastic band triggering them the winner, wrestlers on the mat with sweat dripping from their hair while pinning their opponent, and even our homecoming queen being crowned were some of these moments caught in time, forever to be remembered. Now that it’s my senior year, I hope to capture more.

Athletes and popular kids aren’t the only students with picture-worthy moments. For instance, I try to find times when a hall monitor walks a new student to class, or someone helps as a teacher’s aid. I’ve taken pictures of students in the cafeteria goofing off and eating French fries or when the football players load up on turkey sandwiches. The swim team always eats a lot carbs when they have a swim meet, so you see them eating plain pasta or bagels. Last year, I got a good picture of our drill team captain on crutches because she broke her foot but still showed up at the game in uniform to support her group, cast and all. I even waited to leave on the last day of school to take a picture of the empty hallway when lockers were left open and papers were on the floor. It made the yearbook with the caption that school was out for summer.

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