Skipping Stones by Katherine Ward

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Cover design by Mary Ann Smith.

Created with Vellum

For Stephen,

who may be far from home,

but who is living his own adventure.


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Linney McDonnell picked up a small stone, flat and smooth, in the chilly September dawn. She’d been at it for ten minutes or so, as the horizon turned a bright pink and now slowly morphed to orange. A loon called out across the misty lake and Linney turned the stone over in her hand, concentrating hard. Angling it just so, she sent it flying toward the lake and then tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she held her breath.

One … two … three … four … five. Would there be a sixth? Yes! She jumped with pleasure as whoops of appreciation from her childhood friends carried across the water.

“Good one, Linney! I don’t think I can do better than that.” Derek’s deep voice rumbled beside her and he high-fived her on the Silver Lake shore before they scrambled up onto the dock and under the blankets to join the warmth of the others.

Kirsten handed Linney an insulated mug while Anna pulled a striped Hudson Bay blanket more tightly around her shoulders. The fall mornings had turned chilly, but the four friends had been determined to get together for one last sunrise before Linney left them again.

“I wish this didn’t have to end,” she said with a sigh. “It’s been so good to be home.” It was the end of a month-long vacation, full of kayaking on the lake, spending time with Gran, and visiting with friends. She’d spent hours devouring book after book curled up on the porch of the house she grew up in. But real life awaited her on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

“One last hug,” said Anna, as she regretfully shrugged off the blanket and stood up, her posture perfect as always. “I do need to get home. It’s a school day.” Anna had married right out of high school after falling head over heels with a local contractor. She now owned the town’s dance studio and had two adorable daughters, just a few years older than the friends had been when Linney first moved to Silver Lake. She threw her arms around Linney. “We’ll miss you. But we’ll get our fix watching you on the news. The girls love it when they see their Auntie Linney on TV.” Linney sniffed softly. “No tears, okay? And no goodbyes. We’ll see you soon.”

Linney nodded, and after another hug, Anna jogged off the dock, her long ponytail swinging behind her, heading past the house and back to her family.

Kirsten looked at Linney sadly. “I should go too if I’m not going to be late.” Kirsten’s nursing shift at Silver Lake General Hospital’s emergency room started at seven o’clock. She’d come this morning in her usual boxy scrubs that hid her curvy figure. “But I’m glad we saw the sunrise with you. Safe travels, and don’t be a stranger, okay? If you wait too long to come home again, I might have to come see you in London.”

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