Her Dark Knight by Tamrin Banks

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Her Dark Knight



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For dreamers and doers everywhere. If you want something, at least try. Even failing is better than looking back and wondering if you should have done something.

For my fans…y’all make me so happy when I write that I have to smile. Even when my deadlines are nutty, it’s always fun. And that’s all because of you.

For my hubby, my honey bunny. Most of my adult life has been the happiest ever because of you. Love ya!




1. Benito

2. Scarlett

3. Benito

4. Scarlett

5. Benito

6. Scarlett

7. Benito

8. Scarlett

Epilogue: Benito

Epilogue: Scarlett

Dark Hearts Mafia 2

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“I’m telling you…I want that courier in front of me by tomorrow morning. I know he’s up to something and I have a feeling that I’m gonna break him and then I’m gonna take care of him. For good.”

I glare at my brother, Tomas, and he growls under his breath. “I’m doing my best. The d**khead disappeared and my guys are having a hard time tracking him down.”

“Then get more guys. Try f*****g harder. This is ridiculous. We run the biggest organization in Washington and it’s stupid that I cannot get my hands on one damn guy that I know is f*****g stealing from our organization.”

Tomas grimaces. “You think I don’t know that. I absolutely know that we need to get this locked down before it comes out and we’re a f*****g laughingstock among the families.”

“Then find…him,” I grit out between clenched teeth, stalking across the parking lot to my dark SUV sitting a few feet away from us. “I want this wrapped up before the meeting in two days. There’s no way I want this to come out without a punishment. We need to make sure that no ballsy a*****e decides that it’s okay to raid from our coffers. Punishment makes them think twice before they try.”

“I know that,” Tomas grunts under his breath as he stalks after me. “I’m doing my best, a*****e. Keep it under control.”

“You get it under control,”I growl as I reach my car and the driver hops out to open the back door.

A loud pop cracks through the night and my driver, Enzo, drops to one knee and then falls face first to the ground.

“What the hell?” Tomas snarls and then pushes me in the back seat before crouching and running into the night.

I jerk myself up and pull my gun out, my eyes searching in the dark lot. I don’t see anything at first but then I see movement off to my right. I do not fire though. I can’t say for sure that that is not Tomas.

Frustration eats at me and my finger tightens on the gun, needing to do something, anything.

My brother is out there somewhere and he’s tackling an unknown danger on his own. I don’t like it. I don’t do inaction. It’s not in my nature.

After what feels like forever but in actuality it was probably only minutes, I hear thuds and then silence.

Tomas appears in the open door and growls, “Why didn’t you shut the f*****g door? The whole car is bulletproof and you’d be safe.”

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