Crimson Stained Catalyst by Rebecca Ethington

Crimson Stained Catalyst by Rebecca Ethington . Read online this eBook for Free or Download this eBook in ePub, PDF.

The Crimson Stained Catalyst






Glossary and Pronunciation


1. Caspyn

Eighteen Years Later

2. Elara

3. Elara

4. Elara

5. Caspyn

6. Caspyn

7. Elara

8. Elara

9. Caspyn

10. Caspyn

11. Caspyn

12. Elara

13. Elara

14. Caspyn

15. Caspyn

16. Caspyn

17. Elara

18. Elara

19. Caspyn

20. Caspyn

21. Elara

22. Elara

23. Caspyn

24. Caspyn

25. Caspyn

26. Elara

27. Elara

28. Elara

29. Caspyn

30. Caspyn

31. Elara

32. Caspyn

33. Elara

34. Elara

35. Caspyn

36. Caspyn

37. Caspyn

38. Elara

39. Elara

40. Elara

41. Caspyn

42. Caspyn

43. Caspyn

44. Elara

45. Elara

46. Caspyn

47. Caspyn

48. Elara

49. Elara

50. Caspyn

51. Elara

52. Aeinya

53. Vaelar

54. The Boy


About the Author

Also by Rebecca Ethington


Okivo – (Ŏ-kĕ-vŏ) – The name of the Realm as joined by the Ramal and the Goddess. The Realm of Okivo is composed of four houses.

House of Caryn – (K-air-in) – Located to the west of the capital of Turin. The family of Caryn build the ships and command the Ramal’s navy.

House of Durwyn – (Dēr-wīn) – Located to the east of the capital of Turin. The family of Durwyn are the wood workers and hold The Forest of Ok as sacred.

House of Syran – (Sē-rān) – Located to the southwest of the capital of Turin. The family of Syran rule over the fishers and Qits of the lesser realm.

House of Spryv – (Spr-īv) – Located to the southeast of the capital of Turin. The high desert land at the foot of the glass mountains is ruled by the House of Spryv and is where the Wyverns are still rumored to fly.

Izyare – (Ĭ-z-air) – Kingdom of sand separated from Okivo by the Glass mountains. Home of the Witches.

Isle of Dam – (Dām) – The fabled land of assassins and cold. None return from this realm.

Luftyn – (Lō-f-tin) – The tall jagged mountains that surround the Runturin.

Runturin – (Rūn-tūr-īn) – The name of the castle/fortress that houses the Ramal and the royal family and is the seat of Okivo, the King, and all magic.

Turin – (Tūr-īn) – The capital city at the seat of Okivo and the royal family.

Qit – (Kee-t) – The floating fishing villages off the coast.

Callay Bay – (Cāl-āy) The bay where many of the Qits float, fed by the Callay River.

Temple of the Sister – The temple built on the grounds where the Goddess banished the sister and the Fae.

Forest of Ok – (Awk) The forest that serves as a main boundary line in Okivo. Known for trees that are the color of blood. Their golden leaves have not unfurled in a century.

Black War – The war in which the Goddess Leilan defeated the Sister and saved Okivo from the Fae.

Red Wave – The name of the event when the Queen destroyed the Catalysts.

Catalyst – The igniter of power

Requisite – The controller of power.

Sypher – (Sĭ-fer) – A user of all power.

Dri – (Drĭ) Someone with no power.

Lynar – (Lee-nār) Original holders of magic.

Fíra – (Fee-rā) The name of one who wields fire magic.

Wôder – (Wade-ār) – The name of one who wields water magic.

Vio – (Vee-o) The name of one who wields the magic of the dirt.

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