Biker’s Hostage by Lenora Wilde

Biker’s Hostage by Lenora Wilde . Read online this eBook for Free or Download this eBook in ePub, PDF.


Prologue – Zane

Chapter One – Chelsea

Chapter Two – Zane

Chapter Three – Chelsea

Chapter Four – Zane

Chapter Five – Chelsea

Chapter Six – Zane

Chapter Seven – Chelsea

Chapter Eight – Zane

Chapter Nine – Chelsea

Chapter Ten – Zane

Chapter Eleven – Chelsea

Chapter Twelve – Zane

Chapter Thirteen – Chelsea

Chapter Fourteen – Zane

Chapter Fifteen – Chelsea

Chapter Sixteen – Zane

Chapter Seventeen – Chelsea

Chapter Eighteen – Zane

Chapter Nineteen – Chelsea

Chapter Twenty – Zane

Chapter Twenty-One – Chelsea

Chapter Twenty-Two – Zane

Chapter Twenty-Three – Chelsea

Epilogue – Chelsea

Prologue – Zane

I took another long draw on my cig and then stubbed it out against the wall beside me. I had quit smoking a long time ago, but here, tonight, I knew I needed the fug of smoke to stay lost in.

My eyes were pinned to the bar opposite me, flush with life, freshly built, full of people. Every now and then, a few of those bastard Dogs would emerge for a cigarette, laughing together, slapping each other drunkenly on the shoulder before they headed back inside. I hated them. F**k, I hated them more than I could make sense of…

But that was why I was here. That was why I had abandoned my old life and come to Atwood, to make right what they did to my only family.

I was going to get my revenge. I was going to ruin them any way I could. And it was going to start here, now, tonight.

I drew another cigarette from the packet and lit it, inhaling a hit of the dirty smoke into my lungs and blowing it out slowly. I had been hanging in this doorway for what felt like a lifetime now, waiting for one of them to come out unattached. I needed a clean shot at someone, and no matter how pissed I might have been, I knew I couldn’t take on more than one at a time. I needed to play my cards right, or I would end up dead.

Just like my brother, Liam.

A stab of hurt caught me off guard when I thought of his name, but I brushed it away quickly. I wasn’t going to let that get under my skin, not here, not now, not tonight. I wasn’t here to get all up in my head. I was here to let that rage out on the first Dog I could lay my hands on. I was going to take them down, and it started here.

As long as I could keep my shit together long enough to see it through.

It had begun weeks before, when Liam had stopped answering my calls. The first couple of days, I didn’t think anything of it, knowing the way he got busy with his work. That guy he worked for, Lombardi, had him running all around the city, handling business, making sure none of his enemies got a foothold. But by the time it hit a week with no word from him, I was starting to worry.

And that’s when I reached out to one of his friends, a guy I’d met when I had visited him in Atwood the year before—and discovered an obituary. A little more digging and it soon became clear that Lombardi and his crew had been hit by a nuclear-level strike that wiped out practically the entire business at once. Including my brother.

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