You’re Mine by Sam Crescent

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You’re Mine (Crave and Claimed #6) by Sam Crescent

As a favor to a friend, George Butterworth has agreed to allow Anna-Beth Knight to work for him as his housekeeper. Anna-Beth has annoyed her family, and for now, they just want her out of the way, not causing trouble. He doesn’t mind.

The only problem is, the Knight girl is no longer ten years old, but a thirty year old woman. And George cannot stop thinking about her.
For twenty years, Anna-Beth has been in love with her brother’s best friend. She knows she has irritated her family, but she refuses to be like them—mean, cruel, cutthroat. In the world of business and sustaining empires, her family expects her to play by their rules. They don’t know anything about her.
George has taken Anna-Beth’s virginity. He knows her family is looking for a husband for her, but he doesn’t want to let her go. He cannot gether out of his thoughts, nor does he want to. Every second spent with her, she gets under his skin.

Will George stick around when he knows that she is in love with him as well?

You’re Mine – Sam Crescent

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