Wynter and the Stone Dragon by S.E. Smith

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Wynter and the Stone Dragon (Rings of Power #1) by S.E. Smith

When a doorway between worlds opens and unites two lives, anything is possible…
Since she was a child, Wynter Stormhold’s curious nature has taken her to far-off worlds. In one world, she touches the life of a human boy. In another, she finds her most trusted friend, a stone dragon she calls Pow-pow. Hiding her growing powers from her mage family started out as a childish prank, but now she uses them to go on secret adventures.

Sheikh Khalid el Amid’s life changes forever when he encounters a beautiful but alien girl. Wynter brings unexpected miracles during his darkest hour and he vows to always protect her—but then she disappears through a portal.
When grown-up Wynter suddenly reappears years later, Khalid falls in love. All too soon, however, she is ripped from him again. As Wynter and Pow-pow fight for their lives against a mage who would use Wynter and her father’s Rings of Power to control the vast worlds across space, Khalid fights for his people and his rightful place on Earth.

Can an alien princess and her dragon find her way back to her beloved sheikh or will their responsibilities keep them apart forever?

Wynter and the Stone Dragon – S.E. Smith

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