Wrong Number, Right Dragon by Lorelei M. Hart

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Wrong Number, Right Dragon (Dial M For Mates #2) by Colbie Dunbar, Lorelei M. Hart

Sometimes the wrong number is the exact one you need.

I never answer my phone, especially not when the caller’s number is “private.” Today is no exception, only unlike normal, they leave me a message, and for the first time, I’m kicking myself for not answering. The man on the other end is choking up, telling me there’s been a terrible accident and his son is in surgery, begging the person they thought they reached to come to the hospital waiting room so he isn’t alone.
If I could call the man and tell him about the wrong number, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I can’t. So I do the only thing I can think of. I rush to the hospital. Only when I walk into the emergency department waiting room, my dragon doesn’t want me to find the mystery man. He scents our mate, and that becomes his only mission in life.
My beast discovers we’re both there for the same man. The one who left me the voicemail is the father of the injured child, and there’s no one by his side.

Wrong Number, Right Dragon – Colbie Dunbar, Lorelei M. Hart

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