Wrestling With Werewolves by Hazel Mack

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Wrestling With Werewolves (Haven Ever After #5) by Hazel Mack

Music is my life. At least, it would be if my father’s politics didn’t dictate every minute of my day. When I sneak out to live my dream for the night, consequences follow. Papá’s Second, Eliel, challenges him for the throne, putting me at risk of being forcibly claimed by the devious, disgusting male.
To keep me safe, my father sends me to the one person he trusts—his best friend, Richard. Yet, Richard isn’t the wolf I remember from my childhood. The moment I see him again, a tether forms between us, twisting our souls into a bond so rare, it hasn’t been seen in thousands of years. Barely there touches, smoldering looks, and soft growls become something more, something intense and powerful that draws us together like moths desperate to burn.
But as with everything in my life, our connection is complicated. We have to keep it hidden, because when my father finds out, he won’t understand. Worse yet, he won’t give us the chance to explain. I’ve got to succeed in my quest for harmony to drown out the discord. Like my best friend Leo says, when words fail, music speaks.

Wrestling With Werewolves – Hazel Mack

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