Would You Hold It Against Me by Aria Grace

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Would You Hold It Against Me (Blue Collar Daddies in the City #6) by Aria Grace

Ex-bodybuilder Cayson enjoys running his family’s pizzeria and carrying on the legacy his great-grandfather started so many years ago. But it consumes his whole life. He opens and closes seven days a week, never taking a moment to himself, making it impossible to meet someone to share his life with.
Finn has been working long hours as a police sergeant, trying to stay busy after attending yet another wedding of yet another friend who has found love. It’s not exactly healthy, but he likes the distraction of work to keep him from feeling the loneliness that has been getting heavier and heavier with each passing year of solitude.
Dylan has been relying on a glass of bourbon to get to sleep every night, so when he realizes he’s out, he runs out to the store to pick up a bottle. And if he gives in to his Little side, he might leave the store with some frozen cookie dough and microwave popcorn to cap off his weekend pity party.
But when an amateur thief walks into that store and tries to rob it and the three customers inside, all their lives are changed forever.

Would You Hold It Against Me – Aria Grace

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