Will by Kerry Kilpatrick

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Will (Almstead Island: Newcomer’s Club #1) by Kerry Kilpatrick

What could go right with a social worker Daddy and an injured boy?

As a social worker on Almstead Island, I’ve come to understand the hidden battles people face. But seeing Beckett injured shook me. Behind his tough exterior, there’s a vulnerability that tugs at my heartstrings. I want to be his daddy, not just to fulfill a fantasy, but to provide the comfort and security he so desperately needs.

The injury didn’t just hurt my body; it exposed the emotional bruises my family has inflicted on me since childhood. Their constant criticisms and jokes have worn me down even more than my job as a cop in our small town. Will’s kindness and understanding offer a reprieve from the suffocating weight of their judgment. I want to be his boy for longer than a fling.

Beckett needs to drop his guard and Will needs to find the line between nurturing and smothering. Both of these men want what the other is offering, but they’ll have to get out of their own way to make it happen.

Will – Kerry Kilpatrick

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