Whispers on the Mountain by Rocklyn Ryder

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Whispers on the Mountain (Moonshine Ridge Mountain Men #15) by Rocklyn Ryder

The lead engineering position at the remote hydro-electric plant is lonelier than a light-house keeper– but one look at the curvy trespasser picking wildflowers and I know that’s about to change.
I’ve heard the whispers going around the mountain town of Moonshine Ridge– rumors of who I am and what I’m hiding from…if they knew the truth, would they think any worse of me?
It’s better if I keep my distance, so I let them gossip while I hide in my mountain fortress. I’m content to watch the seasons tick by in solitude– until I see her.
The curvy little beauty picking wildflowers on the land I’m paid to watch over has me wanting a life I don’t deserve.
Zephyr Hart is young, and pure, with a light shining from inside her that I can’t risk dimming. She deserves better things that I have to offer her. But when she calls my bluff, I’m a man unhinged and that’s when we both discover the lengths I’ll go to make her mine.

Whispers on the Mountain – Rocklyn Ryder

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