Wanted By the Champion by Alyson Archer

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Wanted By the Champion by Alyson Archer

He’s a world champion. Older, gorgeous, and driven.
And for some reason, he wants me.

When world champion pairs skater Alex McIntyre asks me to skate with him, I’m flattered, and a little confused. After all, he’s at the top of our sport, and I’m best known for crashing my head on the ice in the pairs skating accident seen around the world. I’ve never even been to the world championships, and he’s won them three times. He’s twelve years older than me, and far more experienced.
And yet, he insists that he wants to team up with me.
I’d be a fool to say no.
When I’m on the ice, he stares with enough heat to melt the rink. When I falter, he tells me he’ll always be there to keep me safe.
And I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, Alex wants me for more than just skating.
Which is a dangerous fantasy to entertain, because my focus needs to be on the ice. Not on my ridiculously hot partner.
But those fantasies—the ones I’ve had since my teenage crush on Alex—might just be rooted in reality…

Wanted By the Champion – Alyson Archer

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