Wanted Bride for the Cruel Mafia King by Posey Parks

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Wanted Bride for the Cruel Mafia King (Wife for Hire Agency) by Posey Parks

When I signed up for the Wife for Hire Agency, I thought I was in for a simple arrangement.
A temporary husband to fund my mother’s medical research. It seemed easy enough.
But when I met my soon-to-be spouse, I realized he was no ordinary man.
He was the mafia boss of the Pitucco family.
Powerful, dangerous, and darkly seductive.
I should be afraid of him, but instead, I find myself drawn to him in ways I can’t explain.
He’s a man who’s used to taking what he wants, and now he wants me.
But can I handle the consequences of being his wife? Can I survive the cruel world he lives in?
Or will loving him destroy me?

As someone who has dated countless women, I’m no longer interested in casual relationships.
As the head of the Pitucco family, my obligations come first.
That’s why when I decided to find a wife, I turned to the Wife for Hire Agency.
Imagine my surprise when I came across Kinsley’s profile.
We had attended the same university, and I had always been drawn to her innocence and beauty.
But back then, I was in an arranged relationship as part of a deal between my mafia family and another.
However, now she’s an option and everything changes.
I know that this marriage of convenience will become permanent.
She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s mine forever.
But as much as I want her, she represents everything I despise – innocence and vulnerability.
Will I be able to resist the temptation to corrupt her or will she be the one to change me?
Only time will tell if our union will be our salvation or our downfall.

Wanted Bride for the Cruel Mafia King – Posey Parks

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