Viparious by A.X. Cole

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Viparious (East Coast Bratva #2) by A.X. Cole

Viparious: life renewing or life producing

This is a continuation of Vlad and Inessa’s story. Book one, Viripotent, must be read first.
Inessa learns that Vlad may be just when it comes to his opponents, however, he will never allow the same integrity in their marriage.
She’s fighting for more than herself and refuses to accept less than what they both deserve.

After a lifetime of being the holder of secrets, Vlad finds himself in the dark surrounded by the monsters of his past. His burdens multiply each day and his spiral into vengeance might cost him more than his sanity.
He’s forced to decide between the promises he once made and the ones being asked of him.
But some skeletons refuse to remain buried.

A marriage built on a mutually beneficial agreement is now surrounded by a series of cataclysmic events with one question ⎯ what will he lose to get her to stay?

Viparious – A.X. Cole

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