Vicious Is My Throne by L.A. McGinnis

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Vicious Is My Throne (Wicked Realms #4) by L.A. McGinnis

I was born to be their redemption.
Instead, I will become their destruction.
I liberated Valarian, only to watch my kingdom fall into ruin.
An ancient, evil monster was ravaging our realm, rotting our forests and streams and he wouldn’t stop until all the Fae—including me and my bonded warriors—were dead, too.
To save my people, I had to fight.
War meant a short, bloody future with my beloved males, because our foes were the legendary Old Gods. Vicious. Unstoppable. Unkillable. But with the world on the brink of ruination, a sacrifice must be made, and I couldn’t ask anyone else to pay the ultimate price.
That cost was mine to bear, even if I spent every last drop of my stolen power and my blood keeping them safe. Because that’s what queens did. They sacrificed for their people.
But if I was going down, I’d make sure to drag the Old Gods into the Pit along with me.

Vicious Is My Throne – L.A. McGinnis

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