Venus in Disguise by Emma V Leech

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Venus in Disguise (Wicked Sons #6) by Emma V Leech

A lovely distraction…
Viscount Cavendish, and his Indian wife, Aashini, caused quite a scandal with their marriage, back in the day, and their son, Ashton Anson, is well aware some people still view him as less than an English gentleman. Blessed with his mother’s extraordinary looks, a love of fashion and colour, and with wit and a sharp tongue he’s never learned to hold, Ash is adept at getting himself into trouble. Years of practice have taught him the way out too, with his fists, making him the ton’s most ruthless and unbeaten boxer. The games run by the gentleman’s Club, The Sons of Hades, have become legend, and Ash with them.

Enter the diamond…
When the Duke of Beresford’s lovely and diminutive daughter, Narcissa Ponsonby, makes her debut into society, Ashton Anson stands back and watches as the men of the ton fall over themselves to be the one to win the fragile beauty, and her vast dowry.
Tired of simpering misses with cotton wool for brains—even if they look like Botticelli’s Venus—Ash is unimpressed by the pretty little ninny and makes his usual biting remarks. Unfortunately, the doll-like Narcissa overhears his comments and her stinging repost reveals the sweet façade she wears hides a woman Ash finds far more interesting than the pocket Venus everyone believes her to be.

Venus in Disguise – Emma V Leech

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