Vengeful Vows by Kira Cole

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Vengeful Vows (The Burkes Mafia #1) by Kira Cole

Marrying her was my duty. Falling for her was my undoing…
It was my idea to kidnap the daughter of my father’s rival.
In my defense, I never expected that marrying her would be a part of the plan.
But my father’s word is law, and since my brother is too old for her, I must be the one to take on the job. Never mind that I’m ten years older than Bree myself, and forcing a mafia princess to say “I do” at knifepoint was not exactly my idea of a fairytale wedding.
Now, I have a 21-year-old wife who hates my guts and keeps plotting revenge at every turn.
The fact that she’s also witty, kind, and sexy as hell? That’s a complication that starts to mess with my head.
I am no idiot.
I know that falling for the daughter of my enemy is a bad idea. But I want her enough to risk ruining it all…

Vengeful Vows – Kira Cole

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