Vapor’s Blaze by Aria Ray

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Vapor’s Blaze (Savage Legion MC #7) by Aria Ray

Trix is pure taboo. Rival prez’s kin, promised to another VP for alliance. Saving her might be my downfall, but letting go could be ours.
Our first meet? A damn explosion. A rave party—no names, no strings, just raw, electric chemistry. The morning after, I find out she’s with the Hellfire Hounds, our biggest rivals. I’m heading for the hills.
Our second meet? A damn realization: no matter how hard I try, Trix is like catnip I can’t resist. She says she ain’t nobody’s old lady and she ain’t lyin’. It’s worse—she’s the granddaughter of the Hounds’ Prez.
Falling for the Hounds’ princess? A death sentence.
Her grandpa’s marrying her off to some old vice prez to cement an alliance with the Grave Diggers. They don’t care what she wants.
When I hear about her arranged marriage, I snatch her. However, Trix doesn’t see me as her savior. To her, I’m just another biker taking advantage. It’s a lose-lose, but I gotta convince her I’m not like the a-holes she’s grown up around.
Keeping Trix safe means risking it all. But she’s mine now, and I’ll burn down the whole damn world to prove it.

Vapor’s Blaze – Aria Ray

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