Up the Ladder by Ana D’Arcy

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Up the Ladder (When in Brooklyn #1) by Ana D’Arcy

When Genevieve sets out to conquer her bedroom insecurities, a captivating and tattooed devil challenges her rule of not getting attached.
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Genevieve has it all—great job, stunning apartment, perfect boyfriend… When the latter dumps her for being terrible in bed, she sets out to prove him wrong. With the help of a silly online quiz and her best friend, she compiles a list of things that’ll make her a better lover, determined to go through them one by one. Because she’s too focused on climbing the corporate ladder for anything serious, she creates one simple rule: never see the same man twice.
The first item on her list leads her to Jake, a dashing Aussie with surgical steel in unexpected places. As charming as he is sinful, Jake is like nothing she’s ever known before, with his perfect body covered in tattoos and penchant for teasing. Before long, the silver-tongued devil comes in the way of her resolve, making it hard to stick to her rule.

Can she resist the temptation, or will she give in to her desires? Or better yet, for how long can she resist him?

Up the Ladder – Ana D’Arcy

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