Unwrapped by Becca Steele

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Unwrapped (LSU #2.5) by Becca Steele

From the bestselling author Becca Steele comes a new festive standalone M/M college romance.

Ryan Jackson. My best friend. We were inseparable until the day everything changed, when we were just eight years old.
Ten years later, I tried to make things right between us before we went our separate ways.
I tried…but I made things worse.
I thought I’d never see him again, until I walked into his gym.
Four months have passed, but based on the looks he’s giving me, time isn’t a healer.
Too bad for him, I’m here to stay. I want him back in my life.
And more than that, I want him to be mine.
It’s Christmas. The one time of year when miracles can happen. Or so they say…

An early version of Unwrapped was previously published as a limited-time bonus newsletter short, titled Second Chance. This edition has been extensively revised and expanded. It is a festive spin-off from the LSU series, and can be read as a complete standalone.

Unwrapped – Becca Steele

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