Unwillingly His by Zoe Blake

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Unwillingly His (Gilded Decadence #5) by Zoe Blake, Alta Hensley

The moment she slapped me, I knew I’d chosen the right bride.
To be fair, I had just stolen her entire inheritance.

As Lucian Manwarring, billionaire patriarch of the powerful Manwarring family, my word is law.
She’s a beautiful and innocent heiress, raised to be the perfect society trophy wife.
Although far too young for me, that won’t stop me from claiming her as my new prized possession.
What I hadn’t planned on was her open defiance of me.
Far from submissive and obedient; she is stubborn, outspoken and headstrong.
She tries to escape my control and fights my plan to force her down the aisle.
I am not accustomed to being disobeyed.
While finding it mildly amusing at first, it is past time she accepts her fate.
She will be my bride even if I have to ruthlessly dominate and punish her to get what I want.

Unwillingly His – Zoe Blake, Alta Hensley

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