Unspoken Vows by Jordan Marie

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Unspoken Vows (Filthy Florida Alphas #6) by Jordan Marie

She had secrets. One of them might get them both dead.

Lennox has a chip on her shoulder.
She won’t even try to deny it.
She has a score to settle with the president of the Titans of Hell.
She has a plan, and they will feel her wrath.
She, however, didn’t plan on getting distracted by its newest member.
There was just something about the broody man called Ghost.
His scars, hoarse voice, and dark eyes held pain.
That pain spoke to parts of her that she never let anyone see.
Lennox wanted a taste, but she never planned on keeping him forever.
Sure, she might have made him some promises in the dark–but only with her body.
Nothing was said out loud. He couldn’t hold her to any of it.

Could he?

Unspoken Vows – Jordan Marie

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