Unmasking a Lord’s Heart by Bridget Barton

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Unmasking a Lord’s Heart (Noble Gentlemen of the Ton) by Bridget Barton

Lady Isabella Collingwood was once known for her untamed spirit, cherished only by her twin brother and his closest friend, Simon Lyndon. To them, she was perfect as she was. Her parents however saw fit to exile her to Ireland, hoping to refine her into a proper lady. After five long years, Bella returns, but she’s no longer the wild child she once was- not to the eyes of others at least. When Simon’s gaze meets hers, she wonders if he still sees her as the girl he once knew…

Could it be that the wild Bella, and the tenderness she once shared with Simon, are forever gone?
The Honorable Mr. Simon Lyndon has harbored feelings for Bella since they were children. Yet, it did not take long to learn that his affections were not deemed worthy by her father. That is why working as a spy for the crown became his refuge from the pain of unrequited love. When Bella reappears though, transformed by her time in Ireland, Simon’s heart is stirred once more. He cannot help but wonder if there’s a chance for them, or if he is destined to love her only from afar.

If only things could be as simple as when they were children…
Before their relationship can blossom again, complications arise. One of the biggest being a wealthy widow, Amelia Lafleche, who does everything in her power to win Simon’s attention. And even worse, a handsome heir to a dukedom begins to woo Bella, further straining the rekindling bond between her and Simon. As secrets and misunderstandings mount, Simon’s duty to his country collides with his desire to protect Bella, who finds herself caught in a dangerous plot. Can they overcome the odds and find love together in the end?

“Unmasking a Lord’s Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Unmasking a Lord’s Heart – Bridget Barton

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