Unholy Tsar by Sasha Leone

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Unholy Tsar (Ruthless Dynasty #4) by Sasha Leone

Some people are haunted by their past. I’m hunted by mine.
Maksim Smolov wasn’t the monster I was running from. He’s the devil I found.
Those deep brown eyes didn’t even blink. One minute, I’m being chased down a dark alleyway by the nastiest demons from my past; the next, they’re begging for mercy from a man in an expensive suit.
If I had known my savior was the most feared mafia boss in New York, I might not have repaid his kindness with a kiss—a kiss that led to the hottest night of my life—but I did, and that was that.
A week later, I’m back fending for myself. So, when I hear my best friend is taking private self-defense classes, I beg to join her. It seems like a good idea… until I meet our teacher.
My one-night stand.
Turns out, he’s her uncle. Tsar of the American underworld. Maksim Smolov. Just like that, I’m not sure what to be more afraid of:
The demons from my past… or what this devil will do when he finds out about them.

Unholy Tsar – Sasha Leone

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