Unfix Me by Emory Weste

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Unfix Me by Emory Weste

At twenty years old, Sen didn’t imagine that something could profoundly change his life in a matter of weeks. After he leaves Colorado to attend university, he’s forced to face a truth that his parents attempted to bury a long time ago. Every day, he struggles to piece together his fractured identity and confront his past- the haunting memories of a place that was meant to fix him.
When he crosses paths with Kai, a fearless, openly gay football player, his presence ignites a dormant ember within Sen’s soul. Amidst the whispers of doubt and the suffocating weight of societal expectations, Sen grapples with the profound realization that his identity isn’t broken – it’s beautifully unique.
With Kai, his beacon of hope amidst the darkness, he embarks on a tumultuous journey of self-discovery, navigating the treacherous waters of shame, fear, and societal prejudice. With every step forward, Sen confronts the demons of his past and the daunting prospect of living authentically in a world that seeks to erase his truth.

Unfix Me – Emory Weste

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