Twisted Attraction by Jhenna Smith

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Twisted Attraction (Love Kills #1) by Jhenna Smith

Being a criminal defense attorney isn’t for the weak. I spent years in and out of law school and lost countless hours of sleep fighting for my dream to become an ADA, and now, aside from the bar exam, I was just handed a case that could finally help make that dream a reality.
If only there weren’t other problems getting in the way.
I was thirty-three, freshly divorced after a ten year marriage and eight long months of separation, and in my most loneliest times, had secretly found comfort in a sex club called The Flirty Sanctum, and in the arms of two wildly delicious masked men who call themselves Spike and Phoenix. My ex-husband was stalking me, a young girl was assaulted at the sanctum, and my love life was clashing with my job in a way I’d never anticipated possible.
I wished that was the worst of it.
When all of it comes collapsing down on my shoulders and wedges me in an impossible position, I’m left with a choice that could potentially cost me everything, even my life.

Twisted Attraction – Jhenna Smith

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