Tower of Tempest by Tee Harlowe

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Tower of Tempest (Stolen Crowns #3) by Tee Harlowe

I might be sheltered, but I’m smart enough to know that I can’t fall for the playboy prince—or his charms.

I’ve spent my life locked in a tower with nothing but books and my gran to keep me company. Until the day she disappears. Despite Gran’s warnings about never leaving, I’ve finally discovered a way out, and I’m going to find her.
At least that’s the plan. Until some idiot decides to rescue me. Instead, he almost gets us both killed. Worse, I discover he’s Lochlan Aster, the famous playboy prince, one of the most eligible bachelors on the continent and a shameless flirt.

I don’t trust him, but his offer to help find my gran is too tempting. I know nothing about this magical—and dangerous—world around me, nothing about myself. As Lochlan and I work together, pieces of my past click together, and I learn more about who put me in that tower—and why. Yet the biggest danger might be the prince’s reason for helping me—a secret that won’t just break the trust I’m finally learning to build, but my heart along with it.

Tower of Tempest is book three in Stolen Crowns, a series of steamy standalone but interconnected fairytale retellings. This Rapunzel meets Anastasia retelling is perfect for fans of banter, (very) snarky heroines, and slow-burn romance.

Tower of Tempest – Tee Harlowe

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