Touchdowns and Temptations by Mrs Kristal

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Touchdowns and Temptations by Mrs Kristal

A relationship with a football player? For Cara, that’s out of the question.

When Cara, the daughter of a legendary quarterback takes a job in her father’s company, she is surprised to see that her new client is Noah McCarter – the irresistible, charismatic quarterback of the Boston Foxes. Little does Cara know, Noah’s been captivated by her ever since he saw her at a bar. Now, as her new client, he’s ready to blur every line she’s drawn. With each encounter, temptation grows, and Cara finds it harder to resist the undeniable chemistry…

Caught between love and duty, Cara must decide: Will she tackle her fears or let love score the winning goal?

Touchdowns and Temptations – Mrs Kristal

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