Touch of Sapphire by Lynn Hagen

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Touch of Sapphire (Midnight Falls #16) by Lynn Hagen

Paris Wiseheart isn’t sure about the backwater town he and Alister are hiding out in. He’s used to a bustling city, not the slower-paced life he’s forced to lead. When his bestie gets into an argument with his boyfriend of four days, it’s Paris who’s slammed onto the hood of a police car and handcuffed. Now Paris has to not only deal with the fact that he’s found his mate, but too many curveballs being thrown his way.

If Deputy Cannon Lowery had known it was his mate he was arresting, he would have used fur-lined cuffs instead. Paris is loud, excitable, and on the run from someone his mate refers to as Mr. Dangerous. Instead of being the rock Paris needs when his mate is attacked, Cannon drops the ball. He has to fix the mess he’s made while showing Paris that he can be everything his mate needs and more.

Touch of Sapphire – Lynn Hagen

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