To Love or to Lose by Hannah Ellie

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To Love or to Lose (Farewell Fairwood #1) by Hannah Ellie

Genevieve Alderidge has always known she will be the Valedictorian of Fairwood Preparatory Academy. As far as she’s concerned, the position is hers for the taking. However, the win may not come to her as readily as she expected, and after years of contesting for the position, what Genevieve expected to be a victory lap of a senior year will turn out to be her biggest challenge yet.
Jameson Beaumont, the new exchange student from London, is the first opponent to ever truly threaten Genevieve’s peak status. Between his quick-wit, charm, good looks and, of course, his academic status, he immediately becomes her number one rival, and Genevieve is fully prepared to take him down.
But, as the year goes on, her and Jameson’s relationship isn’t as black and white as it once seemed, and as they fight for the coveted position of Valedictorian, Jameson and Genevieve are forced to get to know each other (solely for the sake of competition, obviously). Between a tension-filled ski-trip, close-knit friendships, and the ultimate rivalry, Jameson and Genevieve are forced to decide what is more important: to love or to lose?

To Love or to Lose – Hannah Ellie

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