To Live Among Wolves by Morgan Hubbard

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To Live Among Wolves (Legends of Arcadia #1) by Morgan Hubbard

She’s aching to belong.
He’s desperate to keep his kingdom a secret.

Torn between reality and make-belief, Eden Thomas has never really fit in. Fifteen years of believing in werewolves will do that to a person. But when she encounters a wolf in the forest and gets taken into a secret kingdom, she finds there’s more to the forest than she expected. Ancient languages, a looming threat from an age-old shapeshifter, and a growing relationship with the three royal siblings, Eden will find belonging in a place beyond her wildest dreams.
Silas–that is King Silas–assumed the throne of Arcadia after his father’s untimely death. Now with the responsibility for an ancient and powerful group of shapeshifters and dealing with the return of his prodigal brother, not to mention the pesky Seer with ominous warnings, Silas must decide if it’s more important to keep his kingdom safe or follow tradition. And it’s much more difficult with a human in tow and his growing feelings for her.

Join Eden and Silas in an atmospheric tale set in the mountains of Appalachia, deep in the forests in the magical kingdom of Arcadia.

To Live Among Wolves – Morgan Hubbard

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